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Boarding Facilities at Ojai Pet Hospital

Ojai Pet Hospital began offering boarding in 1962. We are the oldest established boarding facility in the Ojai Valley. Many of our boarders are also our patients, but that is not a requirement.

Have you ever gone on vacation only to return to a sick pet whose subtle symptoms went un-noticed by a well-meaning caretaker? Then you can appreciate the peace-of-mind you get when boarding your beloved pet at Ojai Pet Hospital. Our facility is staffed by trained veterinary personnel.

Pets with special needs, such as daily oral medications, injections, fluid therapy or special diets are no problem. Simple treatments like baths, nail trims and annual blood tests as well as more lengthy procedures such as dental cleanings can all be done while your pet is boarding. And often, their recuperation is complete by the time you return.


As a hospital, we can accommodate a wide variety of animals from guinea pigs to Great Danes. Kennel sizes range from small 2’x3’ kennels to large 6’x8’ runs. Whenever possible, we will house pets from the same family together. Considerations are made for older pets who may need things like rubber mats for better traction under foot.

All facilities are inside with central heating and air conditioning.

Boarders are often housed with surgical and non-contagious medical patients. Our two central kennel rooms have skylights to let the sun shine through.

Boarders, like patients, are monitored throughout the day by trained veterinary staff.

Medical & Emotional Care

At Ojai Pet Hospital we are prepared and able to respond to the common reactions that many pets have when their owner has to leave them for a period of time. Among these behaviors or problems are:

Excessive Barking/Destructive Action:
This may be a sign that your pet is experiencing anxiety as a result of boarding, or may suffer from a condition called separation anxiety. This is not an uncommon occurrence for dogs that are unaccustomed to kennel situations and/or other animals. In these cases, under the instruction and care of Dr. Shouse, your pet may be given mild tranquilizers or anti-anxiety medication.

These maladies can occur as a result of either anxiety or diet change. This is not an uncommon occurrence for animals that are unaccustomed to kennel situations and/or other animals. In these cases, under the instruction and care of Dr. Shouse, your pet will be given antiemetic medications and fed a bland, no-bulk diet to help calm your pet’s stomach upset.

Just as you do at home, we strive to maintain a clean and pest free environment for our patients and boarders. In the event that a boarding pet is discovered to have a flea problem, a treatment of Vectra will be given to immediately kill the existing fleas on your pet. This product is available in safe doses for both dogs and cats. Usually only one application will be needed while boarding here. We do recommend that all incoming boarders be pre-treated at home with Vectra for the control of fleas.