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Low Cost Vaccine Options

It is important for your family pets to have at least yearly physicals as provided in our Lifecare Program and at Ojai Pet Hospital a physical examination is included with most vaccines. In spite of the importance of the physical, some owners elect to forego the physical examination to minimize costs and take advantage of low cost vaccine alternatives.

Ojai Pet Hospital offers low cost vaccines by pre-arranged appointment during regular clinic hours. These vaccines are given by a Veterinary Technician and do not include an exam by the doctor. All dogs must be leashed, all cats must be in carriers, and only cash will be accepted for low cost vaccines.

Once again, it cannot be stressed too much that yearly physicals are important and allow us to pick up many problems before they become life threatening. Since our pets tend to hide their problems as long as possible (an instinctive behavior left over from being in the wild where showing weakness attracts predators) and cannot communicate things to us well, many owners think their pets are perfectly healthy when they are, in fact, not.